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Rehearsal rooms.

VLOER1 offers 4 equipped rehearsal rooms, 3 band rooms and 1 DJ/producer room. Each room is designed to provide the optimal acoustics for your musical experience.

Each band room contains a PA system, drum kit (+cymbals), piano*, bass amplifier and 2 guitar amplifiers. This avoids a lot of dragging and lugging and thus, allows for a lot longer rehearsals. Check out the room pages for more details on the provided equipment.

Room 1

25m2 - Grand Piano

9,00 € / 12,00 €

keys: Kawai KG-2C

Guitar Amp 1:

Guitar Amp 2:

Bass Amp:



Room 2

20m2 - Piano

8,25 € / 11,00 €

keys: Buffet Piano

Guitar Amp 1:

Guitar Amp 2:

Bass Amp:



Room 3

20m2 - No Keys

8,25 € / 11,00 €

keys: No Keys

Guitar Amp 1:

Guitar Amp 2:

Bass Amp:



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25€ / Band Member

Membership costs 25€/person/year.

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Through our platform, we aim to reduce barriers to creative expression and empower the community by offering the support it deserves.

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VLOER1 is more than just music related services. We strive to build a community for and by musicians, DJs, producers, organizers and enthusiasts.

We believe that the underground is an indispensable link for cultural innovation.  

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